Sprinklers in Overland Park

Sprinkler irrigation systems differ, depending on the task and water delivery requirements. Regardless of the type of sprinklers you use, there are uncomplicated ways for ensuring that you get the proper amount of water where it needs to go. If you are searching for help with sprinkler, look no further than Blue Cedar Landscape. Our team of experts has been installing, repairing, and maintaining sprinkler systems for decades in Overland Park and surrounding areas.

Maintenance Checklist for Sprinklers

Functioning irrigation systems are essential for maintaining healthy, well-maintained landscape and lawns. For instance, brown patches may be the result of a misaligned sprinkler or an incorrectly pressurized system, which can waste water and money. Your sprinklers will function properly with a sprinkler system maintenance program from Blue Cedar Landscape. We’ll start up, check, and winterize your system to ensure everything is working correctly. While automatic irrigation systems make watering your landscape and lawn an effortless task, periodic maintenance is necessary to keep sprinkler systems working as efficiently as possible. Also, proper shut down in the fall and start up in the spring is essential. The following are some highlights of our irrigation system maintenance services:

  • Shut all standard drains left open after sprinkler systems were drained the previous fall.
  • Open the main valve to allow water to fill the piping between the cross-connection assembly slowly to prevent backflow.
  • Pressurize the mainline between the control values and backflow prevention assembly. We open one of the control valves as the pipes fill with water to allow air to escape through the sprinkler heads that might be trapped in the piping.
  • Our state-certified backflow specialists test the cross-connection assembly. They are up-to-date on specific rules and regulations that must be met. One zone at a time, we test the performance of the entire sprinkler system by checking for the following:
    1. Signs of leakage. In particular, our technicians search for sprinkler head or piping that may have been damaged during the winter months. We will repair and replace any part not functioning correctly.
    2. Accurate spray patterns. We will adjust your sprinkler heads so they the spray patterns accurately water your lawn and landscape. Also, we ensure that plants or other materials are not blocking the spray of the sprinklers.
      1. Our team of experts will thoroughly clean clogged sprinkler heads and nozzles.
      2. If it appears that your landscape is receiving too much moisture, we can install a rain sensor. Their purpose is to turn water delivery systems off when rainfall reaches predetermined levels. The sensor reactivates the irrigation system when the moisture level recedes, resuming the previously defined watering schedule. Our technicians install rain sensors in unobstructed areas exposed to the open air to minimize the potential of debris or leaves from blocking the sensor.

Our sprinkler maintenance program helps eliminate wasteful overwatering and unsightly brown spots by performing a fall winterization service, conducting a mid-season evaluation, and starting up your sprinkler system in the spring.

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